Carpal Tunnel Treatment in Gaithersburg & Riverdale

Carpal tunnel injuries are a common consequence of the modern work environment, which puts considerable strain on the wrists with the everyday activities of typing and using a computer mouse. Because the carpal tunnel-a narrow passageway of ligament and bones near the base of the hand-houses the median nerve, injuries to this area can cause a wide range of severe, unpleasant symptoms, including numbness, pain, and loss of motor function in the hands. In severe cases, surgery may be necessary to reduce swelling and inflammation in the carpal tunnel and relieve pressure on the median nerve. Before going under the knife, however, it can be beneficial to consult Life Chiropractic Clinic to explore your non-invasive treatment options. Chiropractic care can be an effective treatment for carpal tunnel injuries, restoring the mobility and flexibility of the wrists while reducing pain and inflammation.

What causes carpal tunnel injuries?

Repetitive stress to the wrist from activities like typing can lead to inflammation in the soft tissues of the joint, causing compression within the carpal tunnel. In some cases, injuries are the direct result of trauma from sprains and strains, rather than the cumulative effect of repeated stress. Other factors, such as fluid retention, cysts, or repeated use of vibrating hand tools, can also cause inflammation and compression of the median nerve.

What are the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome?

Symptoms of carpal tunnel injuries can vary, but they tend to develop gradually and worsen over time. Here’s a look at some of the signs you might notice as injuries progress:

  • Burning or tingling in the hands and fingers
  • Numbness and loss of control in the fingers
  • Swelling in the hands and fingers
  • Loss of grip strength
  • Reduced sensitivity to hot and cold

How does chiropractic care alleviate carpal tunnel pain?

Following X-rays and a physical examination, your chiropractor can determine the best course of action for managing your symptoms. Physical therapy and massage can be effective measures for reducing symptoms, especially when patients perform exercises prescribed by the chiropractor between office visits. Even if surgery becomes necessary in your case, chiropractic care may continue to provide benefits in your recovery, as it can increase the flexibility and strength of the wrist to reduce the likelihood of future wrist pain and discomfort.

To schedule a consultation where you can discuss your carpal tunnel symptoms in Gaithersburg or Riverdale, call Life Chiropractic Clinic today. We will take the time to understand your symptoms and provide a comprehensive overlook of your treatment options.

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