Workplace Injuries in Gaithersburg & Riverdale, MD

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When workplace injuries prevent you from performing your job, Life Chiropractic Care is here to help. We offer comprehensive services to get you back on your feet

Services we provide for on the job injuries are:

Carpal Tunnel

This is a common consequence of the modern work environment, because it puts condierable strain on the wrists with the everyday activities of typing and using a computer mouse. Because the median nerve is located near the base of the hand, unpleasant symptoms can manifest such as numbness, pain, and loss of motor function. In extreme cases, surgery may be required but it is beneficial to consult with Life Chiropractic Clinic to explore non-invasive treratment options.

Workers Compensation

Though most workplaces will emphasize safety in their mission statements and daily practices, on-the-job injuries are a common occurrence. When someone is injured in the workplace, the cost of medical care and compensation for time lost at work may be covered by an employer’s workers compensation insurance policy. Life Chiropractic Clinic can provide the expertise you need in Gaithersburg and Riverdale, allowing you to get back to work faster.

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