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Whether you suffer frequent migraines, have recently been in an auto accident, or struggle with chronic back pain, you know that pain can get in the way of your daily life. When it comes to pain management, you may be presented with a wide range of options, including medication and surgery. Unfortunately, these treatment options can leave patients facing many unpleasant or dangerous side effects, and they may not always be effective. Life Chiropractic Clinic can provide an alternative solution for pain management in Gaithersburg. Our chiropractic clinic utilizes techniques that tap into the body’s natural healing capabilities, which can increase long-term success in reducing pain and restoring physical strength and flexibility. Read on to see the specific therapies and conditions treated by our Gaithersburg chiropractor.

Physical Therapy – Chiropractic care and physical therapy go hand in hand, because they both involve the physical manipulation of the body to increase strength and flexibility while encouraging natural healing processes. In physical therapy, you will focus primarily on building strength and learning exercises that can be performed at home to improve joint and muscle function over time.

Decompression Therapy – Herniated and compressed spinal discs are responsible for many cases of back pain, as the discs are susceptible to damage from injuries and the aging process. Decompression therapy applies selective pressure in certain areas of the spine to decompress pinched nerves and reduce back pain along with associated symptoms.

Auto Accident Injuries – Even minor car collisions can cause injuries like whiplash and lower back pain, so you should not hesitate to consult a chiropractor after any fender bender. Our office specializes in auto accident injuries, and we accept most insurances to reduce your stress in finding the care you need.

Back Pain – It’s not always easy to identify the cause of back pain, and many physicians will simply write a prescription for pain medication without understanding the root of the problem. Our practice will instead make an informed diagnosis following X-rays and other digital imaging procedures. We will then provide spinal manipulation to realign the structures of the spine and ease your pain.

Headaches and Migraines – Headaches and migraines can be connected to other conditions and injuries throughout the body, which is why the comprehensive approach of chiropractic care is often effective for treating chronic headaches.

When you need chiropractic care to address any type of injury, Life Chiropractic Clinic is there for you with convenient hours and a central Gaithersburg location on S. Frederick Avenue.

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