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Injury, misalignment, or pain in your neck can have a major impact on various parts of your body. The neck is an integral area of the body, as it houses the upper section of the spine, also known as the cervical vertebrae. In addition to affecting the neck itself, neck problems can also result in stiffness or pain in areas such as the back, shoulders, and arms. Headaches can also be caused by tension or injury in the neck.

A few causes of neck injury or neck pain include:

  • Trauma to the neck, such as blunt force
  • Whiplash or other types of strain from unnatural movements of the neck
  • Poor posture, such as when you are sitting at your desk at work
  • Misalignment of the cervical spine
  • Cervical spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spinal canal in the neck area)
  • Osteoarthritis

Determining the cause of the pain is essential for proper care of the disorder. A proper history with an orthopedic examination will determine the cause of the pain. Depending on the severity of the condition x-rays or an MRI maybe obtained to find the origin of the pain. Patients will often have and examination that involves posture, ergonomics of the work station, exercise routine and diet. Rehabilitation is used to strengthen and restore tissue to its optimal function.

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