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Quality Chiropractic Care Leg Pain Relief in Gaithersburg MD

Leg pain can make everyday activities such as standing and walking a challenge. At Life Chiropractic Clinic, we can help you determine what the root of the problem is and provide you with the necessary chiropractic care.

Leg pain is often the cause of issues related to the muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons within the leg. It can also stem form issues in the spine that are affecting nerves that control the leg. Our chiropractors can provide you with the adjustments and / or therapies that are best suited for your specific injury or condition. Whether you are suffering from sciatica or a sports injury, we can provide you with quality treatment.

We assist with all types of leg pain and discomfort, such as:

  • Sharp, shooting pain
  • Dull aching
  • Tingling or burning sensations
  • Stiffness that causes reduced range of motion
  • Numbness or weakness

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