Chiropractic care is your solution for pain after an automobile injury! Dr. Romano and Dr. Zempel are experienced chiropractors who have treated patients suffering from whiplash, disc herniation, muscular strain, and soft tissue injuries after a traumatic accident. Let’s talk about whiplash.

Motor vehicle accidents are not only devastating to your vehicle, but also to your body. Patients who are hit from behind often sustain both hyperflexion and hyperextension injuries causing significant soft tissue damage. During hyperflexion, the vertebrae (bones in your spine) are propelled into flexion beyond their physiological limit. Think about this- you can bend your head forward, into flexion, (bringing your chin to your chest) comfortably without pain. If someone came over and pushed your head down, your neck would still bend, but this motion is not natural. This can cause damage to the discs resulting in disc bulges or ruptures which irritate the spinal nerves. Within your spinal column, you have pairs of nerve roots that exit out at each level. If the nerve is compromised, or if something is pushing on the nerve, you will have pain. If the ligaments are badly stretched or partially torn, the joint will become unstable. Ligaments attach bones to other bones. When the ligaments are stretched too much, they cannot hold the vertebrae in place. If you overstretch a rubber band, it becomes loose- the same thing can happen in your body! Strained musculature surrounding the injured area will become weak and the vertebral joints will no longer have strength or support. Hyperextension injuries are caused by the joint being forced beyond its normal physiological barrier, into extension (the opposite of flexion). This causes tearing of the anterior longitudinal ligament, which runs along the front of the spinal column.

Hyperextension Hyperflexion Sprain or strain of cervical tissues ADAM

Image Source: https://www.orthopaedics.com.sg/conditions/back-pain/whiplash-injury/

Our chiropractic offices (Gaithersburg and Riverdale) specialize in treating soft tissue injuries! Chiropractic care will help to restore the normal function of the joints and heal the ligaments and muscles that were damaged in the accident. If you or someone you know has been hurt in a motor vehicle accident, look no further than Life Chiropractic. You do not have to live in pain!